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First Diverse Group Blog

A new group blog with members writing from various perspectives is about to get started. Please go there now and blog roll it. From the side bar of the site it is described as follows:

This blog is a group blogging experiment. Each week the Blog Spectrum team will address one issue at a time, as posed by The Casual Observer. Participants will go into as much (reasonable, no Jordan stylings please, that means under 5k) detail as needed to address their point.

This is a civil effort, with many broad points of view (Liberals, Libertarian’s, Conservatives, Moderates, and all the rest); we are not going to be indulging in word games when responding to other’s posts and we will cite our sources if we are stating something as fact.

This is an *issues* forum, not a Bush fans vs. The World steel cage death match!

Members of the following blogs currently make up the team. The only site below that was on my blog roll was I Was Thinking so it will be interesting for me to see where these folks are coming from.
Stop by and check us out. Your feedback will be a valuable part of this blogging experiment.


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