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The Double Standard

The American Lady comments on the double standard in the The Lafave Case

24 year old teacher Debra Lafave is being accused of having sex with a 14 year old student.

They keep discussing this in the news and they show the picture of her on the motorcycle. They say that she is an attractive 'teacher who had sex with her 14 year old student', not a 'pedophile.'

Does anyone else notice the double standard?

Switch the genders. The male would be painted as a dirty pedophile. If it was consensual, the young girl would be portrayed as a slut.

Why is it? Is it more normal for a young man to be 'hot' for his teacher and to have sex with her?

Is it abnormal for a younger woman to fall in love with an older, mature man?

What about vice versa, in both cases? Does it make more sense for an older woman to 'fall in love' with a younger man than an older man having sex with a younger woman?

I don't understand it.

Lafave is a MONSTER. She is supposed to teach, not to lure the children and have sex with one of them.
Read her complete post and check out the other insights this young lady has on the world. The old don't have an exclusive on wisdom.