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Confessions of a Blog Explosion Junkie

The internet is a large ever expanding place. In this vast ocean how can you find interesting Reads. One way is to join . They advertise it as a way to get traffic to your Blog, but in truth it is an addictive trap.

You get traffic to your blog by reading other blogs (the trap). They have set up an interface that encourages drive-by blog reading (addictive). You read a blog for at least 30 seconds then click the button and you are sent to another blog at random. Each blog you read earns you credit toward having others read your blog.

Hi, My name is Walt and I'm a Blog Explosion addict.

Most of the time I find myself viewing a blog for much longer then 30 seconds or I blogroll it and move on and read it the next time it shows on my blogroll as being updated. Reading other blogs at random has given me a wider outlook on what makes a good blog and creative things that can be done. Try surfing the Blog Explosion today.

Sure it might get you some more traffic to your blog, but it also makes you feel part of a larger community.

Cao of Cao's Blog has this to say about Blog Explosion.

Blog Explosion has afforded me to experience the blogs of hundreds of people, each for only 30 seconds. It’s a FAST way to get hooked up to blogs you’d like to read. You’ve got 30 seconds to get my attention, if you don’t, then I’m gone. But the more I see, the more I realize that…something catches my eye, I’m gonna stay a while. And I’m gonna bookmark you to look some more later. And I’ll send you a comment. And I’ll rate your blog. And I’ll start to post comments, and eventually, I’ll add you to my blogroll.

What you’ve got isn’t going to appeal to everyone. But don’t be discouraged. People will surf by you or over you and you might wonder what you’re doing wrong. It takes time for people to find you, even through Blog Explosion. But they will find you. Once you have regular readers, it’s up to you to keep them.

Tips To Using Blog Explosion
  • If you’re going to use Blog Explosion, don’t forget to use your referral link. You’re missing out if you’re not using that; because you earn hits on your blog from the traffic people under you earn. You get 10% of their hits. So if 10 people are earning 100 credits each, you’re missing out on 100 credits just by not using your referral link.
  • When I’m gone all day and come home from work, I notice that my site counter has been whizzing upward. I earn credits without even surfing blogs on Blog Explosion. That’s the beauty of it. I earn them through my referrals and their referrals. People have signed up under me and that’s why I will continue to get hits from Blog Explosion, regardless of my own surfage (is that a word?).

  • If there are other blogs that you like, don’t hesitate to invite them to join your Blog Explosion. Especially if you like those blogs, why not ask them to join Blog Explosion and see them in the rotation when you surf? Why not get credits on the blogs you already enjoy reading?
  • Next, Surf Blog Explosion. This is the easiest way to find blogs that you may like. So what if you spend thirty seconds looking at a blog you don’t like. If you don’t like it, do both the blogger and yourself a favor, click the “Do Not View” button. You won’t see that blog anymore and the blogger won’t waste a credit on you. It makes Blog Explosion surfer friendly for you and helps that blogger use his credits on other potential readers.

If you have any other ideas for utilizing Blog Explosion, then go ahead and post a comment!

Buzz of Buzzstuff comments on Blog Explosion.

First and foremost, I think that BE is generally very good. It is not perfect but, then again, what is, right? BE is a tremendous vehicle for "speed surfing" with a quick 30 second pop and then BAM! you're on your way to the next site or maybe even to some of those elusive Mystery Credits.

I honestly think that BE needs to do away with the ratings system. They are really unnecessary and have caused quite a bit of grief to a lot of people. These ratings have really brought out the petty and mean spirited side of way too many bloggers. There's a reason that a lot of bloggers don't go to one of the many blog reviewing sites. They simply don't wish to be rated and yet BE forces these bloggers to allow it. I would much rather see a "recently updated" list on their sidebar but maybe that's just me.

Now, as for the BE bloggers themselves.... I would really like to see them (maybe you?) stop complaining that none of the 30 second visitors are commenting. It's ok. Don't beg for comments. If someone is interested in your site they will stay and read. Even if they stay and read, they only MIGHT comment. Most people don't comment most of the time and that's actually a good thing. Can you imagine if everyone commented on every post on every site they visited? No one would have any time to eat or sleep! They'd all be too busy reading and writing comments! And if the reader is not interested in your latest post, they'll move on. There's nothing wrong with that. You are getting exposure and, really, you should be happy with that. Maybe your next post will tickle their fancy.

I would also like to see BE surfers quit complaining about the sites that they are hitting. So you don't like knitting blogs. Or mommy blogs. Or maybe you can't stand political blogs. Well, just suck it up, man! These folks are just out there doing their thing just like you're out there doing yours. If you hate the site so much that you feel the need to post about how much you hate it maybe you should just click to the next one and give up that 1/2 a hit.

So I guess that about sums up my feelings. Overall, very good. One of the biggest things to happen to blogging since, I'm guessing. And with just a few tweaks it could be even better. If you're a BE surfer and you've read to this point, nice job. I believe that your timer has ticked down to 'GO' and you are free to head on over to your next site. I hope you like it! There are some real gems out there.