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Wonkette Watches C-SPAN "for the stories"

I don't think the title will ever apply to C-SPAN like it does to Playboy :) But on this one night C-SPAN decided to add to the debate with some "art".

Wonkette reports:

Last night, the National Institute on Media and the Family showed the entire CSPAN viewing audience exactly what shouldn't be on television. Funny, we don't remember "putting boobies on prime-time" being part of Leiberman's campaign platform.

Not that it would have helped.
Fleshbot also comments and gets to the heart of the matter for their more educated readers.
Watch the video: "Briefing on MediaWise Video Game Report Card", 11/23/04, or access video file directly here (Real Media streaming video @; boobie clips are at ca. 15:00-16:30 in the broadcast, since we'd hate to have you sit through the whole thing just to see a flash of you-know-what)