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Tammy, The Virtual Bartender

Looks like there is a Virtual Bartender Two, let's work together and create a list of commands for this version. Leave comments and let everyone know what commands you found that worked. I'll start it off: lesbian (same as kiss), squeeze (same as orgasm, same as "play with each other", play, love), hummer (same as eat me), ass (which is different from "show me your ass"), show me your tits, rub, cat fight(same as hair)

Hattip:Evil White Guy

This interface reminds me of the old Text based adventure games. One of the games that I enjoyed back then was the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. In order to play that game you had to type in simple sentences "turn on light" or "look". These were simple enough but you never knew what you were going to get and the whole game was text based the graphics were created in your mind. In honor of this text based game's 20th anniversary the BBC in the UK have put this game online using flash.

This interface is similar in style, enter simple sentences or a single word to interact with this bartender. Sort of like the subservient Chicken but a lot better on the eyes.

If you would like to know more about Tammy Plante try here.

Update checkout the new VB: Behind The Scenes video

Tammy, the Virtual Bartender

Just type in a command, and see what she'll do. Try these orders: Hi

Pour beer

Bring Beer

Pour beer on yourself



show me your breasts, tits or nipples

hug, lay



rub belly

bend over

kiss me

look, kiss her, spread legs

pat head, sleep, hummer, lap dance, hand stand, spin, throw

rock and roll, air guitar, blues, macarena, shoot, lips, laugh

knee, Lick your nipple, shake, butt, read, write, add, tickle

show me your thong, show me, Star Wars, touch, seduce

stick out your tongue, tap, make out, rope, hold, pitchers

Exercise, strip, bra, change, arm, gymnastics, be a slob

shirt, wiggle, stretch, nuts, rap, math, bottle, divide

love you, banana, light, sing, karate, grab, multiply

model, wet, sunshine, boxer, magic, splits, subtract

defend, phone number?, squeeze, spin, think

hooters, workout, talk, lollipop, suck, topless

cartwheel, fire, cowgirl, nipples, giggle, jiggle

Dance on the bar, fight, yoga, twirl,wave

Pretend, dog, toes, hat, wheel, hoolahoop

pillow fight, cat fight, pout, robot, box

orgasm, pushup, aerobic, surf, flex

jumpingjacks, ass, groin, cap, nap

two cans, leimek, magazine, shower

shadow box, jedi fight, bow, flash

kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, muscle, pants

riverdance, guitar, joke, skip

headbang, gun , message

supermodel, angry, hop

give me head, bath

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