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Sex for Votes, Did you Get Yours?

Did you take the pledge? Are you going to be abstinent for the next 4 years because you didn't vote? Take the pledge now and start practicing for the 2006 elections ;)'s site says,

"Increase voter turn-on. That's the idea behind, an ambitious campaign launched by a group of recent grads from Columbia, Barnard, Harvard, and UW-Madison who are seeking to increase youth voting and sexual activity. Their goal: send 100,000 first-time youth voters to polls for the 2004 elections, and catalyze 250,000 orgasms by the morning of November 3. They're asking's visitors to pledge to have sex with a voter on election nightÑand withhold sex from non-voters until the next presidential election."
Our campus paper ran their ad earlier this year on the back page.