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Orson's Post Election Analysis

Orson Scott Card has been one of the most articulate democrats to speak against the left wing of the party this year. Here is an excerpt from his post election analysis. It is amazing how clearly this democrat sees the faults of his party and the main stream media.

Orson Scott Card's International Update
....The reason this election was close was because the Leftist establishment – university professors in non-rigorous subjects, the artistic/literary/entertainment elite and the dominant media – did its level best to keep Americans from learning the truth about either candidate.

Bush was held responsible for the ordinary messiness of war – as if he should have personally been inspecting weapons deposits and standing guard over them. Stories were slanted, invented or timed in order to have maximum impact on the election. Students at our universities were subjected to a constant stream of propaganda and those who tried to speak against that propaganda were ridiculed, vilified or ostracized into silence.

Not since Thomas Jefferson and James Madison conspired to destroy Alexander Hamilton with false charges, scare tactics and hate-mongering back in the 1700s has there been such a vicious campaign as this one.

If it had succeeded – if John Kerry had won using these techniques – it would have guaranteed that not only would the Democratic Party have continued to use this approach, but also the Republican Party would have been forced to take the same low road.

Of course, since part of the Democratic Party’s strategy was to accuse the Republicans of doing precisely the things that they themselves were doing, there will be a widespread impression for a while at least that both parties took that road. But history will sort it out.

History will also judge that this pivotal election saved us from the most wildly inappropriate major-party presidential candidate since Aaron Burr.

Make no mistake about it. The Democratic Party’s invective, deception and vituperation were absolutely provoked by George W. Bush.

Not because he was divisive. A truly divisive Republican candidate could have been left alone to destroy himself.

The only reason they had to scream about Bush’s supposed faults was because if they hadn’t, nobody would have noticed them, because they didn’t exist.

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