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Interference or Responsible Free Speech

Wizbang voices his concerns about an online petition.

There's an online petition here where people can express their support for the US Marine who was videotaped shooting a wounded insurgent in Fallujah. At last count, it's just shy of 250,000 names of people who think the Marine in question, who has been removed from combat pending an investigation, should either be returned to his unit or honorably discharged.
He argues that we shouldn't sign it.

He states that sending a petition to congress "smacks of interfering".

I think that this is one of those feel good things that makes the signee feel that they have had some input into the system. Exercising our right of free speech should never be considered interference. I also think that signing this petition might allow the military the freedom to do what is right.

Let me explain why. If half a million people speak out it won't effect the way the military handles their investigation one iota. It may though give the military some release from the pressure of the wacky left in the senate and in congress who jumped onto every news show that would have them wanting blood. This petition will have more of a restraining effect on those politicians that just want air time at the expense of this one marine. This is why the people must speak up to re-emphasize that the politicians should back off and leave the military be.

Wizbang's concluding paragraph shows that we agree more than we disagree.
Besides, the integrity of the system is vitally important. We have to show the world and ourselves that no one is above the law, and we need to spell out exactly what this Marine did and why (in my opinion, along with many others) it was not only acceptable, but laudable. But we shouldn't toss out the system before it has a chance to do the right thing on its own.
The military will do their jobs we must do our job, which is to keep the politicians on the extreme left from railroading this young man in a misguided attempt to salvage an abysmal election season. Don't be shy do your part and sign this petition.