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Bosox World Series Victory Credited to Concentration Coach

In a desperate move to improve their performance and get over the "Curse of the Bambino" the Boston Redsox resorted to hiring a concentration coach.

This little known fact paid dividends in this years playoffs and world series. The new coach was credited with (using "new age" techniques) improving the Bosox team's concentration to a level that allowed them to come back against the Yankees and sweep right pass the Cardinals.

One of the techniques used can be seen below. Keep an eye on the girl in pink behind the catcher on your left. She clearly flashes her left breast at the pitcher in an attempt to shake his concentration.

If you can't see this click here

This time the pitcher broke his concentration and delivered a pitch out of the strike zone. But over time the Boston team was able to focus and even pretty young ladies as shown in this video failed to snap their concentration.

Now the truth can be told the "Curse of the Bambino" was broken in part due to "new age" techniques in concentration science.