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Orson Scott Card Critiques Kerry

This national author has great insight into life here and how things in Iraq are going. Read his entire comments about John Kerry and the campaign. Below is how he concludes his column:

So what if the Iraq war was "the wrong war at the wrong time"? Even if Kerry were right about that, we are in that war. And Kerry's track record and current statements show that as commander-in-chief, he would treat our own military with contempt as he made his decisions.

In other words, the military leadership would know that regardless of the information they gave him, he would not act upon their assessments, but rather would make decisions based on our enemies' assessments of the battlefield situation.

It is hard to keep military morale up in a situation like that. And the military would soon recognize that the only thing they could do to support their troops would be to keep them out of harm's way as much as possible, because they could not and would not be effectively used to achieve reasonable objectives.

John Kerry is and always has been the enemy of the U.S. military. He got out of his duty as quickly as possible; he slandered his fellow soldiers when he returned from Vietnam; he voted against every weapons system that is now making our military irresistible on the field of battle; and he believes our enemies more than he believes our own sources of information.

That's what the debate showed -- as if we needed to be shown it again.

So what if President Bush got angry? Wouldn't you, to hear a man like Kerry stand up and pontificate and judge, when Kerry knows less than nothing and is, in fact, deeply stupid about foreign relations and military affairs?

Soldiers will do their duty in the face of danger and death, provided that they have confidence that their sacrifice will accomplish a good purpose for the nation that they serve.

Right now, our military knows they have a commander-in-chief who will not spend their lives in vain. They can't campaign for him. They can't even say out loud (and have not said to me) how much they dread a Kerry presidency.

But if you really support our troops, you won't saddle them with Kerry. Even if you think Bush was wrong to go into Iraq, you can count on his doing what it takes to achieve the good goals of that campaign, and to continue prosecuting the war on terror.
Orson Scott Card is a proud American and a Democrat who would like to have his party back, but until that happens he will vote for the party that has the drive to win this war on terror.