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Moms Talk Out!

Over on Drink This..... a local TV outlet asked folk What Did You Think Of The Debate?

Did you watch the first presidential debate Thursday night and have a strong opinion about it? Who do you think won? Did the debate change your mind or confirm your choice for president?

To which The Tall Glass of Milk's mother replied:

Although many people think that John Kerry appeared to win this debate, I don’t believe that being taller, standing up straight and appearing to be more forceful than in past appearances makes him capable of being our president. He talked about our military forces like they are a commodity. He says they are not well equipped and that there are too few to carry out the mission.

Well, here is my question for Mr. Kerry, “Just exactly who was in the US Congress during the past two decades when military spending was reduced, bases were closed and our military was downsized? That didn’t happen the day George W. Bush walked into the White House. That happened on your watch and I for one don’t think we need someone with your congressional voting record in charge of our soldiers’ lives, our lives or the freedom of this country. You’ve had 20 years, four more won’t help. George Bush may not always be right, none of us are, but I trust his instincts and his ability to assemble the right people for the job at hand. He will get us though this and the world will be a better place.”

Even my wife was fired up enough to shoot off some emails to a few media outlets. She wrote the following.

I think that President Bush won the debate. He spoke to the people and reminded them what he did. He also reminded people of what Senator Kerry has said and done in the past. Senator Kerry is a modern day snake oil salesmen. He talked fast, talked strong and told people just enough of what he thinks they want to hear. He, I thought, was the one that talked with an angry tone. The only problem is that most people that buy into the charm of a fast talker don't actually pay attention to what is being said. If they did they would realize that he didn't have a lot of his facts straight and he never said word one about his plan.

I'm betting these two moms are just the tip of the iceberg.