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Kerry holds to Missing Explosives

Kerry can't stand just embellishing his own accomplishments (like Cambodia or meeting with all of the Security Council prior to his vote on the war). Now he has to use bogus NY Times stories after the story has been thoroughly discredited.

See the video that chops Kerry off at the knees.

Cyber News Service reports the following.

Speaking in Wisconsin Tuesday morning, Sen. John F. Kerry continued to blast the Bush administration for its "failure" to secure explosives at an Iraqi military facility -- ignoring reports that those explosives already had vanished by the time U.S. troops arrived at the al-Qaqaa facility in April 2003.

"Yesterday we learned that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives vanished from one of Iraq's most sensitive military installations after the invasion," Kerry said Tuesday morning at a campaign stop in Wisconsin.

Monday's New York Times headlined news of the missing explosives, suggesting that the U.S. government ignored warnings to secure them. The Kerry campaign described the "failure to secure" the explosives as an example of the Bush administration's "stunning incompetence."

But on Monday night, NBC News said it had a reporter embedded with U.S. troops when they arrived at the al-Qaqaa facility -- one day after the fall of Baghdad -- and the explosives already were gone by then.
This man will say anything to get elected.

Update: Wizbang reports on a Drudge story.
So CBS was going to run a known bogus story on the eve of the election in order to swing the vote.

It is time for the whole news division to resign.

The only thing worse is Kerry and delusional lefty bloggers still running with a story that would embarrass them if they had a brain and of course shame.
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