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The Global War On Terror - Where We Stand

Kevin from WizBang wanted to spread the word!

One of the things casual observers of the presidential debates might remember is that John Kerry said of the war in Iraq, "Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time."

Senator Kerry and the media are heavily invested in questioning President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. It's a 'death by a thousand paper cuts' strategy that focuses on a car bombing here and a beheading there, as proof of a situation out of control. The problem with this type of news cycle driven coverage is that it offers no perspective on the challenges faced and the obstacles overcome since 9/11, by way of the implementation of the Bush Doctrine.

The Global War On Terror series was written to recap what has, and has not, been accomplished by the Bush administration since 9/11.

The series is best reached by through this html post or by viewing this PDF file.
Update: Turns out that the individual who put this series together now has a blog of his own. This was put together by Joseph of Megapundit.