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Game Over, Neuman Endorses Bush

No I'm not referring to The Seinfeld character. I'm referring to none other then the respected spokesman for Mad Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman. He has been a respected figure for years. Often talking out on the issues of the day.

On Health care he states:

"Ban all HMO's and medical insurance. Outlaw the American Medical Association. Change the medical deductions on the 1040 to 100%. Result: People will shop for their medical needs, thereby reducing inflated prices of pharmaceuticals, laboratories, doctors, and hospitals. After all, medical insurance is designed to guarantee that the medical industry be paid, not that people receive adequate treatment."
He perpetually runs for president and mocks those he runs against. But for the first time ever he has come out to endorse a Presidential candidate. The web site Protein Wisdom has the full story.

With this endorsement in hand it is safe for Senator Kerry to admit that the campaign is over and face the music. Game over John.

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