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Dems to Faithful, Vote Early, Vote Often

Not since the good ole days of the Mayor Daley Political machine in Illinois did the Democrats so openly advocate voter fraud. Their biggest tool this year is the provision ballot. On the surface this ballot seems very reasonable. How could this be used to encourage voter fraud?

The theory is if you go to your voting place and your name isn't on the roll they will give you a provisional ballot to fill out while they check to see if you are in fact registered in that precinct.

That isn't enough for the Dems they want the provisional counted even if they aren't at the right precinct. In a perfect world where everyone was honest this would be fine. However the world isn't perfect if every provisional ballot counted even in the wrong precinct then one would just have to go from polling place to polling place filling out a provision ballot and they would count. I could probably manage a dozen such ballots before lunch and even more afterward.

They have taken their case to courts across the country. After some early lower court successes it looks like common sense is starting to prevail. The Florida Supremes voted unanimously that ballots not in the right precinct would not be counted. In Ohio, Missouri and Colorado, judges have ruled that votes in the wrong place don't have to be counted.

Of course the fact that you don't have to provide an ID means I could get the roll of my local rest home and vote multiple times in one day. I mean they probably would have voted for my guy if they could. Michelle Malkin has a good round up of current voter irregularities .

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