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Are Elmer Fudd & John Kerry One in the Same?

It would appear since Kerry's goose is cooked that he is going out in Ohio and attempting to find another goose. It looks like he has foresaken his tried and true hunting methods of crawling on his belly or writing poems to the animals.

Good Luck John, your goose is cooked and it will take more than an Elmer Fudd impersonation to recover.

Looney Tunes describes Elmer Fudd here. I think it matches Kerry in many ways.

The root word for befuddled is fudd, and the prefix for fudd is Elmer. He's the poor little dupe with the lightbulb head (with nary a watt in it) who is the volunteer foil for Bugs Bunny's lightning antics. He's practically taunted by the universe. Thank goodness he's too dim to realize it. (Does this mean he really doesn't understand that the scare tactics on the draft and social security are lies? If he truly didn't know those items were lies that would be really scary.)

....Elmer is the hunter who can't really stomach the kill. In fact, in the Bugs Bunny short A Wild Hare, he's grief stricken when he believes he's really shot the rabbit. "I'm a murderer!" he wails, to Bugs's (and the audience's) supreme amusement. (Kerry went from War Hero to Anti-War activist upon his return, the children of Vietnam vets have a message for Kerry.)

....Elmer is most often cast as the hunter on the trail of Bugs or Daffy Duck, or both, although he often turns in his shotgun to take on other roles. (Like negotiating a peace deal in Paris with our enemies)

....He is easily influenced, even by his enemies, and is more than willing to believe anything he is told, which plays right into Bugs's specialty. He is like a child, curious and incapable of true wariness, which makes him the perfect target for Bugs, whose well-being Elmer is constantly threatening. (This might explain his many nuanced positions on Iraq)

....The thing that sends Elmer into a fury is being made a fool, but he is such a fool that most of the time, he never notices. (True, True)