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Ads of the Political Season

This post is an attempt to get most of the links to online political ads in one spot. If you have other links please leave them in a comment and I will add them to the main body of this post.

Pro Bush Videos

Hat Tip: Lorie Bryd
A montage of Bush and other images set to Johnny Cash music.


Watch this Get Out The Vote video on Cruch Kerry. Send this link to your friends.

Beldar has the review of the five new videos released by the SwiftVets.

Betsy's Page pointed out this cute ad done in flash.

The Spoons Experience pointed out that I forgot the Ultimate Kerry Ad.

Lorie Bryd pointed me to this John Thune ad in his race in South Dakota. Also this for Richard Burr in his attempt to take over Edwards seat.

Polipundit points out this ad that ran in the Washington Post, very good.

The AlphaPatriot recommended this ad.

Another commercial I really like is one by Move America Forward, simply called "We're Proud", that highlights the success of our troops and what it means.

We're proud of our armed forces who fight overseas against the terrorist threat so that America won't again face attack on our home soil. We're proud that coalition forces put an end to the violent regeime of Saddam Hussein which paid over $34 million to Palestinian terrorists. We're proud that our forces have ended the Iraqi base of operation of terrorists that have killed scores of Americans. And we're grateful that our troops have made it that Saddam Hussein can never provide chemical or biological weapons to terrorists who will use it against American civilians. Now is not the time for America to retreat or show weakness. Please, support our troops as they help move America forward from the threats of terrorism.
Move America Forward has a number of ads like this that call attention to the good work that our military is doing.
Progress For America has this selection of great ads, specifically check out Ashley's Story.
Outside the Beltway is highlighting the Ashley's Story.

Hat Tip: The Spoons Experience
Here is a "Must See" ad against John Kerry, watch Ronald Reagan take Kerry apart. Very well put together. Kudos to In The Face of Evil for putting this piece together.

The Republican National Committee is a good source of ads. They have three excellent ads chronicling Kerry's stance on Iraq. The first is 12 minutes long there is also a short trailer for this movie here. They then produced to follow up spots here and here. If you need a different format go here.

Kerry Lied has an excellent spot by children of Vietnam veterans which takes Kerry to task for his anti-war activities then has a tribute to their parents. About 6 minutes long.

The Club For Growth has these great ads against Kerry up, one, two, three, and a fourth against Brad Carson(D) running for Senate in Oklahoma. For a different format click here.

The Swiftvet Ads including the two newest can be found below. For a different format click here.
Any Questions? -- August 4, 2004
Sellout -- August 20, 2004
Gunner -- August 26, 2004
Medals -- August 31, 2004
Dazed and Confused -- September 17, 2004
Friends -- September 21, 2004
Never Forget -- September 30, 2004
Why? -- October 13, 2004
They Served -- October 13, 2004
Catholics Against Kerry have two radio ads, here and here. Spanish and Najavo ads too.

Crush Kerry has these ads.
'Kerry's Home Movie'
'These Guys'
"Legitimate Voice?"
Let's not forget the largest source of Pro-Bush/Anti-Kerry ads on George W Bush

Hat Tip: Wizbang
And The latest non-ad, this is art. The Edwards Hair Video.