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Many Thanks

Today this blog is 10 days old. I would like to thank the blogosphere for making me feel welcome, you all have been great. I would like to specifically thank the following blogs for picking up various posts. Football Fans for Truth was the first to link under their Blogosphere list. Viking Pundit was the second, sharing our interest in saving social security. Next Donald Luskin, National Review Columnist and book author linked to a post we had on the middle class misery index from The Luskin Report and The Conspiracy to Keep you Poor and Stupid apparently mirrors of each other. Finally the most recent is another blog called The H-Bomb who shared our thoughts on Kerry's drop in the Wisconsin polls.

I also got my first search engine hits from, Yahoo Search and MSN search. I don't even want to know what the individual was looking for when "squeezed jockstrap" was entered into the search engine, but my site was second on the list. The search from Yahoo made me feel good because this person was looking into the possibility of a draft being implemented. I am sure that this post helped ease this person's fears.

This is much better than an e-mail list, which is how I kept about 500 people informed prior to the last election.

Thanks to all those that have stopped by and viewed this site. Keep coming back.