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Could the Kerry Campaign Be Conspiring with the Commission on Presidential Debates?

Air Force after winning the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy for 6 straight years expected to win the trophy again last year. After all, Navy had a record of 3 wins and 30 losses in the previous 3 years. Confident that they would again beat Navy they took the field.

The only problem was, Navy had other plans. Navy had turned things around and were enroute to a winning season and a bowl game. In a tight well fought contest Navy defeated the 25th ranked Air Force 28-25. This was the first win needed to secure the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy for the first time since 1981. The second win needed was the route of Army 34-6 at the end of the season. We had to wait 23 years for this trophy and Air Force is chomping at the bit to avenge this lost.

The grudge match is set. Veterans around the country are poised to watch this nationally televised game on ESPN2 Thursday night. No other sporting event that night can compete with the anticipation of this match-up. This may well be the biggest military academy game in a decade.......

Could it be, that in an effort to suppress the military vote, the Commission on Presidential Debates scheduled the first debate - traditionally the most crucial debate - opposite the Air Force/Navy game on purpose?

Could this be a plan of some diabolical democrat conspiring with the Kerry campaign and the Commission on Presidential Debates to distract veterans from the issues of this campaign?

Do they think that by pitting these two events against each other they might pull veterans attention away from John Kerry's previous anti-war protests of smearing honorable troops still under fire in Vietnam?

You might think that this is absurd on it's face because obviously this conspiracy wouldn't produce the desired result.

That’s what I thought too. Then it came to me, the clincher. The one thing that proves this is their plan is the fact that it won't have any effect. This is the "Modes Operandi" of the Kerry campaign. Taking the wrong step in the wrong place at the wrong time and falling further behind in the polls.

The complete ineptness of this conspiracy is proof that this can not be a coincidence.

Updates: This post was obviously tongue in cheek. Now we see all too real examples of dems activities having the effect of supressing the military vote.
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