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The Attack Begins, Social Security and the Race to November 2

Romesh Ponnuru writes in Nation Review on John Kerry's press release this past week on the Presidents social security plan. Turns out the press release was about one of the plans developed by the president's commission on Social Security. And Surprise! not exactly accurate.

On Wednesday, the Kerry campaign issued a false press release. It claimed that a study by Austan Goolsbee had proven that under the president's Social Security plan, "the 45 million Americans who count on Social Security will see up to a 45 percent cut in their benefits, while Bush's biggest backers — the financial services industry — will reap billions as part of the largest windfall in Social Security history."
Austan Goolsbee's Response - "That's weird," he says. "I don't know how they got that." His paper, he says, didn't deal with benefit levels.

The bottom line according to Ramesh is:
So: To get bad results for Social Security reform, Kerry has had to make a series of unlikely assumptions about what kind of reform plan would be offered — some of them assumptions that can draw no support from anything that has taken place in the world outside of his press releases.