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Observational Blindness, Waterfall Illusion

Below are four common sexist illusions obviously designed to appeal primarily to guys. Each is self-explanatory. However the fifth picture is more of a true observational blindness illusion. Like the waterfall illusion that precedes it if you stare at the last picture long enough you too will observe a waterfall.

Did you find the car above?

How about this one, did you find the boat?

This is particularly challenging for guys, did you find the ocean?

Again a challenge for most males, did you find the waterfall?

This could be challenging for all. If you stare at this long enough you too will see a waterfall.

Did you find it?
If not check out the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I saw the waterfall!!!
I got bored and scrolled back up...Yeah, typical male!

Anonymous said...

All bogus....I cannot see any waterfall

Paul said...

That bloke is taking the piss, so to speak